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What Does it stand for?

It was developed to give a capsule overview of the content of the ‘Communication and caregiving in dementia: a positive vision’ course.

It is one way of describing the elements that an optimal vision for good, sustainable dementia care needs to encompass.

Curriculum vitae: Gemma MM Jones (neé: van Amelsvoort)
  • Biology, honours year cell biology, secondary concentration in gerontology: HBSC - UWO, London, Canada
  • Nursing: BSN - UBC, Vancouver, Canada
  • Psychology: PhD - Neuropsychopharmacology of Alzheimer's Disease, University of London, Institute of Psychiatry
  • educator about dementia and dementia care
  • consults about the design of care environments for persons with dementia
Specific interests include:
  • identifying a knowledge base to support the professionalization of dementia care
  • understanding how sensory (especially visuo-perceptual deficits) can affect the behaviour of people with dementing illnesses
  • finding the best ways to teach and provide accurate, useful information about dementing illnesses
  • has taught extensively in the UK, the Netherlands, and Canada in the past 30 years
  • over 40 publications related to dementia
  • co-edited with Dr. Bère Miesen, volumes 1 to 4 of Care-giving in Dementia (Routledge Pubs., 1992-2006)
  • translator of ‘Dementia in Close-up’ by Bère Miesen. Routledge, 1999.
  • producing educational DVDs and teaching materials about dementia care
  • co-founder of the UK ’s first Alzheimer Café (2000) in Farnborough
  • chair of the Alzheimer Café UK Charity (no. 1122726)
  • workgroup member for the Nuffield Council on Bioethics (2007-2009) Oct. 1, 2009 Report published: ‘Dementia: ethical issues’

Books and Course Syllabi:
  • Jones, GMM (2012) The TAD newsletters (thoughts about dementia). Vol. 1 the first fifty. The Wide Spectrum Publications, Sunninghill, UK, SL5 7BH, 269 pages
    (for details of contents, see listing further down this page)
  • Jones, GMM (2010) The Alzheimer Café: why it works. The Wide Spectrum Publications, Sunninghill, UK, SL5 7BH (pp 212)
    (presented May 14th, 2010 at the first national Alzheimer Café UK, Conference)
  • Jones, GMM, 2009, Communication and Care-giving in dementia: a positive vision. Course notes book. The Wide Spectrum Publications, Sunninghill, UK. SL5 7BH, 229 pages.


Edited Books
  • Miesen, BML, and GMM Jones (Eds), 2006. Vol. 4 Care-giving in Dementia. Routledge, London (pp 436)
  • Jones, GMM, and BMLMiesen (Eds), 2004: Vol 3 Care-giving in Dementia. Brunner-Routledge, Hove (pp 437)
  • Miesen, BML and GMM Jones (Eds), 1997. Vol. 2 Care-giving in Dementia. Routledge, London (pp 370)
  • Jones, GMM, and BML Miesen (Eds), 1992. Care-giving in Dementia. Routledge/Tavistock, London (pp 481)


Translated Books

  • Dementia in Close-up; understanding and caring for people with dementia (1999)
    translated from BML Miesen’s books ‘Dement, zo gek nog Niet’ (Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum, 1997; Houten), and ‘Dementie
  • Dichterbij’, (Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum, 1993, Houten), published by Routledge, London (231 pages)
Translated Documents
  • The 33 Quality Control criteria for the Alzheimer Cafes (‘Seizoensevaluatie met kwaliteits criteria Alzheimer Cafés Mar/06’, by Meerveld, J),
    published by ‘Alzheimer Nederland’, Dec. ’06) pp28.
  • Development of the Alzheimer Café concept, used on the English website of the Alzheimer Café. Original document entitled ‘Handleiding Alzheimer Café’ by Bère Miesen and Marco Blom, 2001, Alzheimer Nederland publication.


  • Jones GMM, Bennett M (2012) What’s good about care homes. ‘Health Matters‘ section of Lifestyle Magazine. Minerva Pubs., Bath. Pg 14 (Summer)
  • Jones GMM (2012) Recognising Dementia (Spring) ‘Health Matters‘ section of Lifestyle Magazine. Minerva Pubs., Bath. Pg 27 (Summer)
  • Jones GMM, Miesen BML (2011) Dementia care: involving people in Alzheimer Cafés. Nursing and Residential Care 13:9; 442-445 (Sept.)
  • van der Eerden WJ, Jones GMM (2011) Dutch large-scale dementia-care environments: a village within the community. J of Care Services Management. 5:3; Pp137-146
  • Jones, GMM and van der Eerden WJ (2010) Oct., The CARPE DEM: towards an ideal dementia care pathway? To promote discussion in the UK
  • Accompanying Poster, Slide set, and 85 pages of supporting documentation. Available as free downloads from: The Wide Spectrum website.
    (Publication sponsored by Novartis UK, Pharmaceuticals, medical educational grant).
  • Jones GMM (2010) Advances in understanding dementia, care-giving and support. ‘Health Matters‘ section of Lifestyle Magazine. Minerva Pubs., Bath. Pg 36 Magazine July/August


Peer Reviewed Publications (on dementia and care related topics):

  • Jones GMM, Miesen BML (2011) Alzheimer Café – networking with care homes. in prep
  • Martensson DE, McGibbon E, Miesen BML, Jones GMM (2011) The Alzheimer Café as a form of ongoing post-diagnostic support. The Canadian Nurse, in prep
  • van der Eerden WJ, Jones GMM (2011) Dutch large-scale dementia-care environments: a village within the community. J of Care Services Management. 5:3; Pp10 (in press)
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  • (2010) Alzheimer Society Factsheet on visuoperceptual difficulties www.alzheimers.org.uk/factsheet/527
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  • Jones GMM, Harding J, van der Eerden-Rebel W (2006) Visual phenomena in Alzheimer’s disease: distinguishing between hallucinations, illusions, misperceptions and misidentifications. In: vol 4 Care-giving in Dementia (BML Miesen & GMM Jones /Eds). Routledge, London. Pp 59-104.
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  • contributions to national, international conferences and symposia have been made since 1985


TAD (thoughts about dementia ) newsletters; approximately monthly NEWSLETTERS on a dementia-related subject
TADs are sent out as free emails, from The Wide Spectrum website, to those who have subscribed.
Vol 2 TAD newsletters (2014) in progress
GMM Jones, TAD 58: 9 November 2013 Surprising things can happen when the police attend dementia courses and Alzheimer Cafes
GMM Jones, TAD 57: 30 September 2013 Different types of logic may become apparent in people with dementia who have damaged rational logic abilities
GMM Jones, TAD 56: 28 April 2013 Survey findings: caregiving staff on giving end-of-life care to residents with dementia in care homes
GMM Jones, TAD 55: 14 February 2013 Jane Ryder on: what helps dementia care education be used in practice
GMM Jones, TAD 54: 26 January 2013 A medical decision-making model: treatment approaches for people with dementia
GMM Jones, TAD_53: 27 December 12 Celebrating poetry by and for people with dementia
GMM Jones, TAD_52: 20 November 2012 New Course: Lighting DARC – Dementia Awareness Reaching Communities
GMM Jones, TAD_51: 15 Oct ober 2012 Dementia Care: assumptions and key considerations
Vol 1 of the first 50 TAD newsletters (2012) is available from The Wide Spectrum Website, thewidespectrum.com
GMM Jones, TAD_50:23 August 2012 Different types of hoarding and collecting behaviour in dementia
GMM Jones, TAD_49:13 July, 2012 Recognizing visuo-cognitive difficulties and fear behaviour in dementia care
GMM Jones, TAD_48: 16 June 2012 Falls, prevention and dementia care.
GMM Jones, TAD_47: 14 May 2012 Demonstrating the first Alzheimer café in Romania
GMM Jones, TAD_46: 10 April 2012 Accepting a diagnosis of dementia: letting denial be replaced with something better
GMM Jones, TAD_45: 05March 2012 Dementia care: silence about constipation, fecal impaction, disimpacting and fecal smearing
GMM Jones, TAD_44: 28 January 2012 Making assumptions about people with dementia
GMM Jones, TAD_43: 08 January 2012 Reminiscences, life stories and dementia care
GMM Jones, TAD_42: 27 November 2011 Early stage dementia-awareness in public places: a fragile old lady in the bank
GMM Jones, TAD_41: 14 November 2011 The purposes of staging models for dementia
GMM Jones, TAD_40: 26 September 2011 The positive use of humour as a communication option in dementia care
GMM Jones, TAD_39: 15September 2011 Mistaken identities – the phenomena of Stage 2 Buddies
GMM Jones, TAD_38: 10 Aug 2011, Fluctuating abilities, facades and fear
GMM Jones, TAD_37: 12 July 2011, Alzheimer Cafes and other café models
GMM Jones, TAD_36: 04 July 2011 Re-surfacing traumas: not leaving people with dementia alone with their fears
GMM Jones, TAD_35: 04 June 2011 Volunteers in care homes: overcoming the barriers
GMM Jones, TAD_34: 23 May 2011 Adoption and attachment: caregivers and people with dementia
GMM Jones, TAD_33:17 May 2011 Half empty or half full? Bill Drake shares his view [adapting and supporting activities]
GMM Jones, TAD_32: 10 May 2011 The anatomy of mistrust between family carers and caregiving professionals
GMM Jones, TAD_31: 29 April 2011 Wedding celebrations and learning in dementia
GMM Jones, TAD_30: 20 April 2011 Care home managers as in-house dementia care educators
GMM Jones, TAD_29:18 March 2011 Nursing and student links to Alzheimer Cafés
GMM Jones, TAD_28: 20 February 2011 Professor Andrew Knights: the language and power of music
GMM Jones, TAD_27: 10 February 2011 Doctors, dementia assessment, support and concerns about driving
GMM Jones, TAD_26: 28 January 2011 Prisoners with dementia
GMM Jones, TAD_25: 6 January 2011 Changes in time perception
GMM Jones, TAD_24: 01 December 2010 Too many decorations can be disorienting
GMM Jones, TAD_23: 24 November 2010 Sundowning isn't a single phenomenon and isn't a useful term
GMM Jones, TAD_22: 11 November 2010 Motivations and models: starting out and staying in the field of dementia care
GMM Jones, TAD_21: 14 October 2010 The CARPE DEM Care Pathway (Care for Everyone with dementia)
GMM Jones, TAD_20: 27 September 2010 Dementia friendly staff
GMM Jones, TAD_19: 8 September 2010 Reflections about aging and dementia while in Canada
GMM Jones, TAD _18: 26 July 2010 Establishing trust: emergency night call to the care home
GMM Jones, TAD_17: 20 July 2010 Dementia course for chefs and cooks in care homes
GMM Jones, TAD_16: 14 July 2010 Thrown into dementia care at the deep end?
GMM Jones, TAD_15: 28 June 2010 “Well-Being Assistant” – host / hostess role in dementia care settings
GMM Jones, TAD_14: 10 June 2010 What is old?
GMM Jones, TAD_13: 25 May 2010 Changing the image of a dementia care home
GMM Jones, TAD_12: 26 April 2010 The tyranny of the MMSE test
GMM Jones, TAD_11: 20 April 2010 “Dementia: Ethical Issues” Nuffield Council on Bioethics Recommendations
GMM Jones, TAD_10: 11 April 2010 Good care includes attending to basics
GMM Jones, TAD_9: 06 April 2010 Respite care and transition visits
GMM Jones, TAD_8: 26 March 2010 On-site dementia day care for hospital inpatients
GMM Jones, TAD_7: 18 March 2010 Specialist Dementia Care Environments
GMM Jones, TAD_6: 8 March 2010 Barbara Pointon and dementia care
GMM Jones, TAD_5: 28 February 2010 Alzheimer Cafés: 10 years in the UK
GMM Jones, TAD_4: 22 February 2010 Dementia Education
GMM Jones, TAD_3: 15 February 2010 Pain, movement and dementia
GMM Jones, TAD_2: 5 February 2010 People with dementia in Sheltered Housing and dementia education
GMM Jones, TAD_1: 15 Dec 2009 Did Sir Gerry Fix Dementia Care Homes?
FILMS/ DVDs: (available from the website: thewidespectrum.com)
GMM Jones (2009) [interviewer] Lyn and Tom discuss early onset Alzheimer’s [~ 50 mins.]
GMM Jones (2009) 14 DVD set and 212 page course notes book – “Communication and Care-giving in Dementia: a positive vision”
filmed at a four day course for 23 Family Carer’s:
DVD and Book version of “Communication and care-giving in Dementia: a positive vision”
Course materials:
Course Notes Book (229 pages; wiro-bound, all pages photocopy-able for teaching purposes)
DVDs (average duration ~42 mins.)
. Introductory DVD What course participants say about this course
. Topic 1 Memory and attention: bookcase model of memory
. Topic 2 The aging senses: Part A (vision and hearing)
. Topic 3 The aging senses: Part B (touch and pain, smell, taste, kinethesis)
. Topic 4 What is and isn’t dementia
. Topic 5 The Behavioural Staging of dementia: Part A
. Topic 6 The Behavioural Staging of dementia: Part B
. Topic 7 When dementia isn’t recognized: Case study of letters to the Chef
. Topic 8 Language changes in dementia
. Topic 9 Visuoperceptual changes in dementia
. Topic 10 Activities and pastimes
. Topic 11 Questions and visiting strategies
. Topic 12 What is known about family carers
. Topic 13 Grieving and guilt
. Topic 14 Communication options












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