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TADs: selected newsletters

TAD68: Communication Model - Option 1: Gather-information

TAD67: Ten plus communication options model

TAD66: Adaptations made to dementia care homes in response to Covid-19

TAD65: Example of using The ACCORDION method: for resistance to shaving and brushing teeth

TAD64: Example of using The ACCORDION method: for a lady who resists baths and showers

TAD63: The ACCORDION method for solving dilemmas in dementia care: example of a person getting lost outside repeatedly

TAD62: “Ideas for ‘table-top activities’ - in times of self-imposed isolation – like during this coronavirus outbreak" 

TAD59_February_2014_Metaphores for cognitive change-attentional blackboards and memory

TAD58_November_2013_Surprising things can happen when the police attend Alzheimer Cafés

TAD57_September_2013_Different types of logic may become apparent in people with dementia

TAD52_November_2012_Lighting-DARC_Dementia Awareness Reaching Communities

TAD49_July_2012_Recognizing visuo-cognitive difficulties and fear behaviour in dementia care

TAD46_April_2012_Accepting a diagnosis of dementia

TAD41_November_2011_The purposes of staging models for dementia

TAD39_September_2011_Mistaken identities-the phenomenon of Stage 2 Buddies

TAD38_August_2011_Fluctuating abilities, facades and fear

TAD36_July_2011_Re-surfacing traumas not leaving people alone with fears and tears

TAD25_January_2011_Changes in time perception















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