Previous Courses and Commissioners:

Gemma teaching in Dublin, Ireland in September 2015
The first group of professionals who have competed the 4 -day course
"Communication and care-giving in dementia:  a positive vision" by Gemma.
Commissioned by Sonas aPc, Dublin, Ireland


Open subscription courses for caregivers and related professionals:

"Communication and Care-giving in Dementia: a positive vision"

(for details of this event, please click here)


"How to host an Alzheimer Cafe: for co-ordinators and interviewers"

(2-day course, commissioned by The Alzheimer Cafe UK Charity)


One-day course - open to anyone from the public interested in dementia
"Lighting DARC (Dementia Awareness Reaching Communities


Courses with a pre-requisite:

"Educating the Educators: training for using the DVD version of the pre-requisite course"

(requires completion of: "Communication and Care-giving in Dementia: a positive vision")

(for details of this event, please click here)

Recent events by invitation:

"Alzheimer Café UK Networking Day"
 for those hosting and starting Alzheimer Cafes
Guests: Dr. Bère Miesen, Prof.Viv Bennett, Sinead Grennan, Maggie Bennett
Date: 11 June, 2014

 "10 anniversary Alzheimer Café UK conference"
Guests: Dr. Bère Miesen, Drs. Marco Blom (Director- Alzheimer Nederland)

Date: May 14th, 2010


Our dementia related courses have been taught to over 5000 people.

Course commissioners have included:

  • National Alzheimer’s Society (England, Wales, N Ireland)
  • Alzheimer’s Society (N Ireland)
  • Alzheimer Society Branch groups
  • Alzheimer Concern Ealing
  • Social Services (London area, Berkshire, Surrey, Derbyshire)
  • ‘For Dementia’ training, UK
  • Residential and Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals (local and district)
  • Specialist Care Homes and settings
    • for elderly people with learning disabilities
    • for clergy and religious
  • Rudolph Steiner Hospital, the Hague
  • Housing and Care Home Charities
  • University of Utrecht, Post-graduate Nursing Programme
  • Aorta Health Care consultants, the Netherlands