Book: - The TAD Newsletters: topical issues and ideas about caregiving


TAD Newsletters (Thoughts About Dementia):
topical issues and ideas about caregiving

(Vol. 1 – The first fifty, 2009 - 2012)

by Dr. Gemma Jones

(The Wide Spectrum Publications, Sunningdale, 260 pages)














The first fifty TADs have been collated in a convenient A4 spiro binding format, and arranged under these themed headings, making them ideal for all types of dementia-care education:


1 Introducing the themes; which TADs relate to the National Dementia Strategy

2 Need some inspiring examples of bespoke, creative dementia-care?

3 Ever wonder if it could happen to you: aging, getting dementia, in need of care?

4 Your motivations for working in dementia-care?

5 Who is alone, marginalized and may need but escape diagnosis and help?

6 Getting a diagnosis of dementia, accepting it, and learning to live life afterwards

7 Illness progression: changing difficulties, needs, abilities, and behaviours

8 Many reasons for changes in behaviour

9 How can physical needs affect behaviour?

10 Activities: Reminiscing, humour, and music and more

11 Family carers – how to make them genuine partners in care?

12 What types of ideas are being tried to improve dementia care?

13 Dementia Education

14 Alzheimer Cafés: purpose and themes

Appendix - Summary of and Table of the ‘Behavioural Staging’ Model of dementia



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